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Before You Make a Purchase

What is a Doodle Box?

Doodle surprises your dog every month with a hand-curated selection of toys, treats, and chews for them to enjoy! Selecting high-quality products that we believe in and trust, Doodle is created by dog lovers who are passionate about new and exciting offerings that your dog will go crazy for.

What if my dog doesn’t like a toy/treat/chew?

If you find an item included in your Doodle Box isn’t up to your standards, please reach out to our team directly so that we can make it right. You can send a message quickly via our contact us page.

Can I select which items I receive?

The team at Doodle carefully selects each of the items you will find inside your Doodle box, and that selection changes every month. If you aren’t interested in a certain theme or set of items for an upcoming month, you can easily pause your subscription and skip a delivery.

My dog has specific allergies or preferences, can Doodle make substitutions?

Currently, Doodle does not offer replacement items each month, however, this is something that is being worked on. If your dog has a specific allergy and you find a treat or chew won’t work for them, we recommend gifting it to a doggy friend to make their day extra special!

Will I have to pay each month or am I automatically billed?

Doodle is a hassle-free subscription service that automatically renews each month for you. Your dog will never miss out because you forget to place your order, but you can choose to pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

I don’t want a box every month! Can I pick a different frequency?

Doodle is all about creating a great experience for dogs and their owners, so if you need special accommodations or assistance with your order you can always reach out to our team via our contact us page and we will see what we can do.

Is Doodle suitable for my puppy/small dog/big dog/etc?

Every item inside of your Doodle Box is selected because of it’s high-quality design and ability to be enjoyed by the majority of dogs. Power chewers and puppies alike will find fun, new products every month and if the occasional item isn’t a hit, then you can always share with a friend or contact our team for assistance.

What will my dog receive every month?

Doodle Box comes packed with an impressive 2 treats, 2 toys, and 1 chew every month. Items are hand-selected by our passionate team of dog lovers and are inspired by a fun, monthly theme.

How do you decide what items to include in each Doodle Box?

Quality is the most important factor when deciding what to include every month. Doodle is committed to sourcing well-made, safe, high-quality toys and treats that your dog will love.

Where are your products made?

All treats and chews that are found inside your Doodle Box are made right here in the USA. Toys may also be from the USA, however location will vary depending on the specific product.

Are there discounts or coupons for me to use?

Absolutely! New customers can enjoy $10 off their first Doodle Box which is automatically applied at checkout.

How much is Doodle Box and is that in USD?

Each Doodle Box is priced at $30 USD and comes packed with over $60 worth of products every month. Included with that price is also free shipping to anywhere within the 48 contiguous states.

How do I sign up?

Getting started with Doodle is easy! Simply purchase your first box HERE and get ready to discover the best products for your pooch every month. Once you have created your account you will enjoy a hassle-free subscription that you can then manage directly from your account management dashboard.

Can I sign-up for Doodle if I live outside of the USA?

Doodle is currently only open to residents of the USA. However, Doodle does hope to grow and expand, so check back frequently to see when we are available in your country.

After You’ve Made a Purchase

I’ve made my first order, now what?

Doodle is a recurring subscription that ships out to your doorstep every month. There is no need to place an additional order or make changes to continue, simply sit back and wait for your dog’s box of fun to arrive.

I need to skip a month. Is this possible?

Yes! Doodle will automatically renew each month but if you need to pause or cancel your subscription for any reason you can do so directly from your account management page.

Will I be able to track my order?

After your Doodle box ships you will be sent a tracking number to the email you signed up with. If you haven’t received your tracking number, please reach out to us directly so we can assist.

I was charged for another Doodle Box but I never made an order! What’s going on?

When you sign up for Doodle Box you are enrolling in a monthly subscription program that will automatically renew each month. For one-time orders you can easily pause or cancel your subscription at any time by accessing your account management page or by contacting us HERE.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To change, pause, or cancel your subscription you can log-in to your account management page or contact us using our online form.

How do I change my address or billing information?

Your subscription and information can all be managed from your account page. To make changes, simply log-in and update your address or billing information accordingly.

When does my Doodle Box subscription renew?

Subscriptions renew on the same day every month and will begin on the date of your first purchase. For example, if you place your first order on the 10th of the month, your subscription will renew and be charged on the 10th of every month going forward.

How will I know when my newest box has shipped?

Every month you will receive an emailed receipt for that billing cycle. As soon as your newest box ships, you will also receive an email which will include your tracking number. You can check the status of your subscription and orders from your account management page at any time as well.